What inspires and motivates you?

For us, it’s many things: family, partners, and strangers. At the core of it all though, it’s the true acts of kindness within these individuals (random or planned, gifted or received) that really inspire us the most. After all, there’s no better way to build any basis, other than building it with kindness in mind. We’ve seen it change opinions, people, and society as a whole for the better. We can’t think of anything more important than that. So while you’re here peruse through some remarkable stories and let them inspire and motivate you to be kind, too.

  • "The Best Way To Cheer Yourself Up Is To Try To Cheer Somebody Else Up"

    Mark Twain

  • "We Make A Living By What We Get But We Make A Life By What We Give"

    Winston Churchill

  • "No One Has Ever Become Poor By Giving"

    Anne Frank